Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another brother at the window shot

William passes on his love for construction
William loves Thomas a lot... a little bit too much lately, in fact.  Thomas also really enjoys his brother but he's starting to get over the death hugs William doles out.  This was a sweet moment, though; one where I had time to reach for the camera instead of saving poor Thomas' life.  As William rubbed T's back, he sang I love you Thomas... William sings many things these days, and requires others do the same.

Caught in the act

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm pretty sure William has never eaten a green vegetable.  Ever.  In over two and a half years.  Until now.

Enter:  The green smoothie. 

 I've been coveting a nearly $400 Vitamix blender from Costco for this very purpose for a short while now, but I decided to give the ol' Cuisinart a try.  The spinach was a little chewy, but drinkable.  While I would entirely LOVE William to actually eat a veggie sometime in his life, for now, this works.  I'm pretty certain it will even offset the entire sleeve of Thin Mints I'm consuming as I write this blog post... right?

He actually asked for seconds.

The Real Valentine's Day

We had big plans.  Well, not too big, but plans nonetheless.  We had a babysitter, and a place to go, and... a sick William.  The plans were canceled, the whole day was cleared, and we snuggled in at home for Valentine's Day Family Edition. 

Thomas was not sick yesterday but must have felt something coming on... he's sick today.

What started as a disappointment turned out to be our best Valentine's day yet.  Zero expectations, and lots of love and baby cuddles.  William was too sick to be argumentative, but not sick enough to instill worry; the perfect balance for a day on the couch.

 Add a little Pingu to the mix for some low-key entertainment...

 ...and you've got yourself a happy camper. 

Hope your day was as lovely as ours :)