Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011


It has been less than a month since I've last posted, and a lot has changed.  Michael finished school, we packed, we moved, we're unpacking.  Officially Oregonians now, we're embracing life in the Pacific Northwest and doing pretty well with it all so far.  Michael arrived first to meet the movers, and I flew up with the boys just shy of a week ago.  We're slowly getting settled in, and enjoying a more relaxed pace after a very hectic few months. 

The big change today came from our little boy, who really isn't so little anymore.

The Portland Children's Museum was a huge success and a great way to celebrate William's birthday.

It has rained every single day since I've been here, and the weather forecast shows no signs of it stopping.
After a morning of fun, we headed home for some downtime.

 William got a big gift this year.  We had no wrapping paper and I couldn't find anything to tie around his head, so I just had him hold a folded paper towel up to his face.  We're all about improvising around here.

We're finally starting to get more settled.  Here's a view of our living room in case you're interested.

 And to top off an already grand day, a "sprinkle cake," specifically requested by the birthday boy.
Happy Birthday, William!  Congratulations on turning 3!!!