Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In case you haven't heard...

We're moving!  Michael is just wrapping up his dissertation, and in a couple months we'll pack up and shove off to the Portland area.  It's a bittersweet move, as we're excited for our future but so so sad for everyone we're leaving behind. 

Since we do have a couple of months left, I'm compiling a San Diego/Southern California bucket list.  Here's what I have so far:

Watch a La Jolla Sunset
Eat at In-N-Out and the Burger Lounge
Let the boys swim in the ocean
Watch all the shows at Seaworld
At least one more zoo and WAP trip
Visit the tide pools with the boys
One more camping trip
Visit Pasadena
Rent and ride bikes in Coronado
Eat Gelato

...and that's pretty much all I have.  Pretty lame bucket list, huh?  What else would you add?

Special Delivery

A very special package arrived in the mail today from DooDah and Amma Beth.  I knew something was on its way, but I had kind of forgotten about it, and I had no idea what was inside.  Probably one of the best packages we have ever gotten :) 

Thank you!!!  We are so lucky to have traveling grandparents who send us their best finds :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

The 11 Month Update

Thomas is eleven months, and quite the charmer.  With a personality almost completely opposite of his big brother, he shows his affection with headbutting and grunts.  His sweet, crusty curls are simply adorable. Yep, crusty.  This boy likes to eat, likes to do it on his own, and likes to make sure every part of his body gets to enjoy his meals.  He routinely out-eats William, and sometimes even me.  I worry what our grocery bill will be in his teenage years, because it's already rising now, with Thomas weighing something close-to but less-than 25 pounds.  This little boy is giddy with love, and is such a joy to be around.  It's hard to believe he'll be a year in just under a month!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Big 3-0

Last week was Michael's 30th birthday.  We had a babysitter and big plans for a fun night.  We did, at least, until he was asked to fly up to Oregon for a job interview a few days later.  And the dry cleaner had lost his suit.  And he had nothing to wear.  And so, we went suit shopping and ate Von's sandwiches in the car in the grocery store parking lot.  Oh well... we'll try again next year :) 

Luckily, the day before his real birthday we had a family celebration with the boys and my mom. 

Happy Birthday, Darling!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh, the Horror!

William stopped napping.  Blogging time is gone.  I'll try to figure it out soon :)