Thursday, April 7, 2011

quack quack

I hit a new low today.  I'm both impressed and a little bit disturbed by my creativity, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

We came in from the park on the later side this afternoon, and I had neglected to give the boys a snack while we were outside.  Once we got in, they were begging for food and I still had raw chicken and unbaked sweet potatoes to deal with.  I'm also trying to clear out our cupboards before our move (more on that later), so our snack options are getting more and more limited.  All that was appropriate was a box of Cheerios, but even dry cereal required too much time - I had to get dinner in the oven for everyone.  This is where the desperation came in. 

"Boys," I said, "you are the ducks, and I am going to feed the ducks." 

Then I flung handfuls of cheerios on the ground.  William thought this idea was great, and folding his arms into wings he began pecking away at the ground.  Thomas was also thrilled with easy access food, and helped himself to a snack.  By the time they had eaten up all the duck food, dinner was cooking and the dishes were done.  The floor seemed even cleaner than before I threw the Cheerios down... I'm not exactly sure what else got eaten, but I guess ducks don't have discriminating tastes. 

I'll try not to resort to this tactic on a regular basis because it just seems wrong for food to start out on the floor, even though that's where it ultimately ends up.  In a pinch, though, feeding the animals is a wonderful new trick to add to my repertoire.


  1. You are the most awesome mom I know. And I promise I'm not being sarcastic.

  2. You gave me a badly needed laugh for the day! You are quite the gal - sure do hope to meet you some day. I have no imagination whatsoever.