Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ebb and Flow

January was a good month for us.  It's always therapeutic to clean and purge and organize after Christmas, and even more so before a new baby comes.  Forty-eight days until my due date, forty-eight-ish days until our present calm is rocked into something different, something unpredictable.

33 weeks

For now, we're enjoying the ebb and flow of life at home.  The chaos, sweetness, and volume in our home wash in and out, but always with a strong undercurrent of love underneath it all.

I remember this season of life from past pregnancies, always having had Spring babies.  The days are longer, gaining light a little bit at at time, but I move more slowly, literally and figuratively.  More frequent breaks mean sitting to enjoy the moment, taking extra time to instruct the boys how to apply awesome bubble beards instead of rushing to just get them clean.

Less energy means they get away with more, like planking in the bathtub.  But right now, that's a good thing.

This is the life we'll continue for the next month or so.  One with a simple rhythm and beauty that maybe only a mother could appreciate.  This easy living can be so hard, to find the blessings among the mundane, but it's cleansing just like the sudsy water in the bathtub, and prepares all of us for what will be a joyful but mighty change that will come when baby sister is born.


  1. Great post. Brings back memories of the arrival of our 3rd: our Aloha Baby because Kay turned out to be our grand finale.

    Great combination of eye and pen, Lisa

  2. Lisa you are not only a great mom and writer, but may I say you are looking especially beautiful lately? Thanks for the photos-I feel like I'm there with all of you.

  3. Ok, how is is that you're all pregnant, but you seem to have lost weight everywhere else?! you definitely have a glow about you!! And it's nice to finally see some pictures and a blog post! :)