Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Big Boots to Fill

Spring is all around in the Ferry household, and everyone has new shoes to fill.  I work on figuring out how to be a mom to three kids, William asks incessantly if he is four yet, and Thomas steps into some mighty big boots - those of a big brother.

Baby Katherine at 3 days
Katherine at 5 weeks

Everyone has transitioned into their new roles surprisingly easily.  Our schedules are clear, and we spend most days in and around our home enjoying new fresh life.

Life with three littles is fun and tiring, and each day has its own groove.

Today we focused on birds and nests and bird feeders.  William had a little "bird" he made in preschool that was nothing more than a roll of construction paper with a feather glued on.  Little boy loves him some baby animals, so we upped the ante and got fake birds, nesting material, and ingredients for feeders.

 I realized right before I set out a plate of bird seed in front of each boy that it had peanuts in it, so we scrapped that plan and ate sugar cones like it was all part of the plan.

Let me just say for the record, that the entire bird activity took ten minutes.  TEN.  I thought I'd buy myself at least a good half-an-hour.  And then Thomas picked the beaks off of the baby birds and ate them.  Life with boys...  

Even with all the chaos, we are loving our little family.

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