Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Today is day two of not venturing out with the boys kids in the car.  There is a simple sweetness to staying within walking or biking distance of our house each day, but too many days in a row at home make me totally stir-crazy.  Finding the balance seems to be the theme of my life these days. Chores versus playing, spending versus saving, productivity versus relaxation... all of which are fine but the very delicate balance of opposites seem to define my days.  While we are enjoying staying in today, we will most certainly venture out tomorrow.

April showers have indeed brought May flowers, but the showers haven't abated, either, and won't for some time.  Indoor time brings restless boys, and House Rules battle against Personal Sanity.  Lately, Sanity wins, and big boys get out energy bouncing on furniture and climbing on banisters and window sills.  I keep my stash of Vitamin D liquid happiness close by and sun myself with a happy lamp and children's bright smiles.

And yet, there are always moments to get outside underneath a dramatic sky that refreshes us with its pure Oregon rain.

Michael indulges me and mows on the diagonal. *swoon*

Later this month we will celebrate our one year anniversary of moving to Oregon.  What incredible change this year has brought, and just like the ever-changing sky, our time in the Pacific Northwest has brought good days and bad, but overall we are thriving.

 I can't imagine our second year in Oregon will bring such huge changes, but I'm excited to see what kind of transformation this next year holds.


  1. What precious, loving memories you're making for you lovely little family.
    Love to all of you, Bill's cousin, Dolores

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