Monday, March 4, 2013


Today was a day of milestones.  William swam unassisted to the pool wall.  He rode his bike without training wheels.  Katherine took her first steps.  Thomas didn't fall out of his chair.   And I don't have pictures of any of it.  I almost never bring my big camera out of the house, and while I'd like to get a little bit better about that, I love not feeling tied to it.  I love watching my children with my own eyes and not always through a lens.  

I did snap a few of Katherine on her first day of walking.


I just love Mondays and today was a great one.  I folded laundry (rare) AND put it away (rarer still).  I childproofed dangerous cupboards.  I finally disposed of old paint that I've been driving around in the back of the van for two months now.  I filled up the gas tank and filled our fridge after a Costco trip.  I love the back-to-the-grind feeling after a weekend where chores slip and routines are lax. 

We've had back-to-back company over the last week, and between Michael's aunt and uncle, my aunt and uncle, and Michael's parents, it was time to stop the party and get back to business. We sure did have fun while it lasted:

Aunt Judy feeding Katherine

Shaving with whipped cream from Michael's birthday cake

 Happy Monday.

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