Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is this normal?

My children seem to have a major problem with crumbs.  I don't quite know what to do.  I'm sure at some point I allowed them to break their graham crackers along those dotted lines, and all of a sudden, one graham cracker became four.  But why stop at four when you can have more? Break it into five and then into six, crumble that cookie until your mother gets ticks!

And here's where this blog post devolves into a Dr. Seuss rhyme but much, much worse.  Those stories are at least enjoyable... my stories I have to clean up. 

This is not a one time thing.

You might wonder where the plates are.  The napkins.  The separate chairs.  The manners.  I find those to be a waste of time and resources...  more water for dishes and trash in the landfill because truly, all the crumbs end up on the floor no matter what.  Might as well just embrace it.

Luckily, Katherine's favorite spot is right under that table, and she cleans up crumbs like a pro.  I knew I always wanted a daughter. 

Little Sister learned how to smile for pictures, and grins to show her teeth off when she hears the flash pop open  on my camera. 

So I click away at my little girle, and send the savages outside to fend for themselves.

William yelling, "MOM! Thomas just poured mud on my head."

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