Monday, February 4, 2013

A Typical Monday

 9:30 am: Pop in at the Dr. for some routine blood work
10:00 am: Celebrate a sweet 2 year old's birthday 
1:00 pm: Neighborhood playdate

9:45: Confirm ear infections at the pediatrician for 2 children
11:30: Return home after way too long at the pharmacy.  It seems every antibiotic is flavored Strawberry, and Katherine is allergic.
11:30-???: Cuddle, sing, rock, sway, hug, love, pray

Mondays never go as planned, eh?  Or any day, really.  It's funny how in an instant a day full of plans can change completely.  Somewhere amid the frustration, the phone calls of cancelling set plans, the disappointment, the completely reworked day is exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

And, lo and behold, shortly after ear drops were administered, smiles returned to every face and we had a beautiful day, albeit a bit different than I first envisioned.

William and Thomas helped me cook dinner.  "Meat goggles" protected William's eyes from the apparently hazardous loaf he was preparing.

While dinner cooked, we opened up the art cupboard.  We've tried watercolor pencils before, but the boys were never thrilled with the process.  This time, we figured out that if we wet the entire watercolor paper under the faucet first and THEN drew with the pencils, the colors were much more vibrant and didn't get muddied from a brush.

You can see the difference in color - pencils on dry paper vs. wet

Happy Monday :)


  1. Hello Lisa!

    This is Grace, Lisa Hincapie's daughter. You have the sweetest bundles of love! Its amazing that your boys are learning the states! May God bless all your works throughout the days.

  2. Grace, great to hear from you on here!! It is so fun to meet other local Catholic bloggers. Looking forward to seeing more of your family in the future :)