Sunday, February 3, 2013


I might have just told someone I have a blog.  Can I even say that anymore?  It has been almost a year since my last post.  In some ways, not much has changed.  Still three kids underfoot, still in Oregon, still Catholic.  In other ways, everything has changed.  William is a mighty four and two-thirds.  Thomas is approaching three, and reminding me once again how hard three-year-old-boy can be, as well as how tender.  Katherine is approaching her first birthday next month, and is less sweet infant and more sassy baby girl, with toddler not too far off in the distance.

William stays home with me now, everyday, as do the little ones.  It's funny to refer to them as the little ones, when William is so little himself.  What he lacks in size, he makes up for in silliness and spirit.  His favorite word is preposterous, and he certainly sounds that way when he says it.

Thomas is none other than... Thomas.  Don't make the mistake of calling him Tom, Tommy, Big Brother, or anything else.  Someone recently called him adorable and he shed big crocodile tears, pleading that could never be such a thing, he is simply Thomas and always will be.

Katherine sits and plays and claps and sings and dances, all with a smile on her face.  She is sweet and happy and oh-so-different from her brothers.  Oh, and snotty.  Little girl has a wicked cold and is just not so cute these days - the cuteness will return, I'm convinced, but for now it's hidden behind a thick veil of slime. 

I'm going to try my best to outline what we are up to these days, both for you and for me.  The books, the story writing, the nature walks, the thoughts, the songs, the spirit and the love.  Oh, and the snot.  Can't forget the snot.

slime factory

Working on the US States.. we've got purple and blue down.

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  1. Wow, look who's alive again! :) But who am I to talk; my blog hasn't been updated since 2011! Thanks for the update and the pics. We miss you!