Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thoughts: Mine, Photos: Not

Just like that, our trip is booked.  A few days of hard driving, with fun stops along the way to see family and friends.  And in the middle, four nights in our old stomping grounds, the place that brought two individuals together to become one, the city where we welcomed our first two children into the world and learned how to be a family.

Not my photo, but it's pretty, isn't it?

For the next month, I’ll stay busying living our current life, embracing the homeschooling freedom that let’s us get up and go, stay in to hibernate, or most often some of each.  No matter what I choose, the day-to-day of dishes, laundry and cooking sets a rhythm for our life that’s inescapable.  
Also not my photo.  Do you sense a pattern?

God, in His infinite wisdom, knew that my vocation to the married and family would ground me and bring me closer to Him.  The simple drudgery of the routine work brings me to my knees, literally.  I kneel to clean spills from the floor, bow down to wipe the bottoms of babes, genuflect as I tie shoelaces for those who don’t know how; my physical posture is my reminder that in serving my family I serve the Almighty.  

We’ve now made it through the first week of Lent. This year, in this season, I’m working on remembering.  Already, I’ve failed - I always do.  Yesterday I forgot to pray the 7th day of novena, so today I prayed twice.  In my forgetting, I am remembering my humanness, the weakness of my will, my need for a Savior.  I’m remembering that my God is good, merciful, and forgiving.  I’m rejoicing in the beauty of Heaven and salvation.  

Nope, don't own this clock.

I’ve got my methods for this remembering and forgetting - adding good things in, purging the bad. Keep on keeping on, we’ve got another five and a half weeks to go, and I have no doubt I’ll be doing plenty of forgetting and remembering in that time.  No matter what, I’ll still be drinking my morning cup of coffee, because who could do ANY remembering without that?!

Wouldn't it be nice if this were actually my morning cuppa?

Happy Wednesday everyone :)


  1. I had never thought of all the kneeling, bowing down, and genuflecting that we do with littles as our posture to remind us of whom we are serving, beautifully written. Thank you. Great post and great photos!

  2. Thank you, Lisa. I had never thought about the physical stuff either, until I started writing. It's amazing what comes out when you just start writing!