Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heckling Hecklers

Remember last week when I referred to myself in jail?  Because the clouds and the rain trapped me inside?  Yep, that remark brought on just a little bit of heckling.  Good thing I'm a make lemonade out of lemons kinda gal, so I went with it and poked fun (just a little bit) at myself. 

And so, Gingerjail was created.

Here I am in good spirits, just so you know I'm being truthful.

And just to dish it back a little bit, now it's time to give the big ol' fam up in Oregon a hard time.  Do you have any idea what William said today?  It wasn't good, it wasn't from me, and I'm not happy about it.  Sure, I laughed on the inside, but that just made me all the more agitated..  do you know how hard it is to be stern when you're trying to cover up a smile?  Anyone want to confess yet? I know you want to know what he said, but I'll let you wonder, for just a little while longer :)

The sweet (not stinky like that first one) Williamism of note occurred tonight as we were out for a family stroll.  William got to lead the way, and marched proudly in front of the rest of us, choosing this way then that.  As we turned around to go back home, he waved goodbye to the road behind us.  "Goodbye, that way."  He faced toward home and said with a wave, "Hello, this way."  And so it went, back and forth, nearly the whole way home. 


  1. Okay-I'll bite.....what the heck did he say? ;)

  2. Me too - did you mention it somewhere else? Is it a phrase that came from my kid?? You have me worried!