Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jail time

I sure am a San Diego girl.  Or really, just someone who enjoys sunshine at least on occasion.  Believe it or not, checking the So-Cal weather is fun and unpredictable, especially in the winter.  Party-cloudy and 62?  We'll have a day at the museum.  Sunny and 75?  Picnic at the park.  Chance of rain?  How exciting!

But this blogger mama is far far from home, and a bit of a prisoner at the moment.  Nope, my in-laws aren't holding me hostage (and they're pretty much the only people who read this, so I'd never say anything bad about them on here!), but the drizzle and dreariness of Oregon in December is downright depressing!  So much so that I'm alliterating.. stop me now!

It's a nice change of pace from no seasons at all, but I sure do miss that sun of ours.  Don't worry, San Diego, I'll be back soon.

In keeping with the jail theme for the day, here are a few pictures of a trapped Thomas:

And just to reiterate, I love my in-laws.  Just sayin'.


  1. Where are the pictures of the snow?? :) P.S. It's HOT here now. I'm actually in shorts!

  2. And as Uncle Colby said, it could be worse...-20 degrees with windchill in Chicago. Auntie Ann is VERY happy to be in Brookings this time of year :) Let's hope some of that rubs off on Mama ;)

  3. I am with you - sunshine makes me smile! I will let you guess what the dreary gray sky does for me....

  4. I guess I count as an in-law. Great blog. Sacramento weather is overcast with sun out later. Hi 54 degree, low 36. Actually pretty good. We still have some colored leaves on the trees. My daughter in Virginia. Snow expected again. Hi 29 low 22. A wet piercing cold. Ihope you look at John,s blog for live cam of Hanalie Bay. ee his live cam (remember Kauai time:
    You can get out jail free card and visit him and Corki.