Friday, December 10, 2010

Home for the Holidays

We're spending two weeks up in Oregon visiting Michael's parents.  It's wonderful to have a new living room floor to spend the day upon. 

 There has been lots of rain compared to dry San Diego.  Perfect weather to bundle up in and... still stay inside.

Thomas is crawling and cruising and loving it.  William has new furniture to transform into streets and ramps.  He spends hours with this pick-up truck.

All play and no work makes some tired boys.  Tired parents, too.

After naps (and before, and pretty much every 20 minutes), we head into the kitchen for snacks.  Thomas is enjoying new foods, and watching him discover new tastes is a treat for us all.

A big thank you to DooDah and Amma for an amazing new camera to capture all of these moments with!  I hope I'll do you proud..

We'll continue in joyous waiting here for more than another whole week.  With little signs of Christmas coming all throughout the house, it's hard not to get excited for what lies ahead.  I hope all of you are enjoying a fruitful Advent season, too!

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