Friday, October 22, 2010

necessity is the mother of invention

Halloween is my most stressful holiday.  It always has been.  I never wanted to dress up like a princess; I wanted to BE the princess.  Forget those $24 Target costumes (which is a ton to spend, by the way, for something a kid wears for about 3 hours), I wanted my mom to spend hours creating a masterpiece with expensive fabric and genuine accessories.  My poor mother.  As a child, Halloween often included lots of tears.  While I can often stifle a full on sob fest these days, I still project my Halloween perfectionism on the boys, wanting their costumes to be the best of the best.

I've been debating about them being this or that for weeks now, so when I found out that our neighborhood Halloween party was tonight, I had about 2 hours to pull something together and no time to go to the store.  I dug through boxes and hit up my craft closet, and what we ended up with was better than anything I had in mind.  William loved his fisherman costume, and Thomas was a hit in his too-big pumpkin,  a costume that my wonderful mother-in-law had made for William last year. 

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