Monday, October 4, 2010

Rainy Days

I can't begin to think of a better time to start a blog than a cold, rainy day. The boys are napping, and I'm left alone with my laptop and no littles with grubby little fingers caked with dried spaghetti sauce and animal cracker crumbs trying to reach the "M" key.

We awoke this morning to cloudy, gray skies. A perfect day for the zoo! I always hope to escape the crowds and on a gloomy Monday morning I figured we'd have the place to ourselves. As I dressed and diapered and fed the boys, the sky continued to grow darker and the streets shone with wetness from the mist. But it doesn't rain here in October, right? Besides, getting everyone ready to go was such an accomplishment, I wanted to reward both myself and the little guys for getting our act together.

The rain really started to fall on our drive South, and by the time we were in the enormous parking lot, I started having doubts. We did, however, park in the closest spot to the entrance that I have ever gotten. I found an old, sandy beach towel in the back of the van to use as a blanket.

We saw the flamingos and chimps, and I think that's it in the hour we were there. The rest of the time was spent powering our way through the wind and horizontal rain, steering the double stroller one handed while gripping the umbrella with the other.

The drizzle evoked giggles from William, and eventually tears from little Thomas. I strapped him into the carrier for our trek back to the car, and he too joined in on the laughter as he watched the umbrella bob up and down above his head.

Both fell asleep on the way home. Back inside, we changed into dry clothes and the boys cuddled together in Thomas' crib. Overall, it was a successful morning :)

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  1. Be curious how you develop the theme. Wish we were there to hold the umbrella.