Sunday, October 24, 2010

A New Hiding Spot

William's favorite game, by far, is hide-and-seek.  He'll typically pick a spot behind the curtains, in the closet, or under the dining room table.  Then he'll help us find him by saying yes or no in response to where we search for him (Mom: "Is William under the table?" William: "noooooo").  Today, he found a new spot to hide.  Gosh, this kid is in for a surprise when he plays real hide-and-go-seek with other kids.


  1. Love the galoshes. Were we all once that limber? Yup, guess so.

  2. Lisa-your blog is the highlight of my day! Love, Amma

  3. Hilarious! Agree w/Amma, your blog makes my day!