Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jumping in Again

I had big plans to blog all about Halloween, but I didn't get any great photos and so I've been avoiding posting anything.  Then one day turns into two, and soon I'm like all those other blogs that get left in the dust.  So, here I am, jumping in once again just to get things going. 

We had a fun night with friends, yummy food, and William's first trick-or-treating experience.  We only went to one house, twice, and he really enjoyed the whole getting candy thing.  The rest of the night he would walk up to people and say "trick-or-treat!" in hopes of getting something yummy to eat. 

We made little mummies to share at the party - lil' smokies with crescent roll dough wrapped around them, and mustard seeds for eyes.  I used a smear of ketchup as a base for the seeds...  it added to the gruesome look of these little treats.

1 comment:

  1. Bet Will tried to eat his share of mummies. Next year you can set 'em upright in a pitted prune. Yum or Yuck. You be the judge.