Friday, November 12, 2010

Shout it out

I hide a lot of things.  Isn't that what I'm supposed to do?  Perform acts of charity, but keep them hidden.  Give gifts to my husband, but don't tell him what they are.  Pray for family and friends, but don't publicly reveal my plea to God on their behalf.  Of course, these kinds of secrets are good to have.  But sometimes?  Sometimes I want to shout out all the awesome gifts of love I've given from the top of my lungs. 

Sometimes it's good for friends, or children, or husbands to know they're getting something amazing in life.  Especially husbands :)  Because let's be honest, most of the time, our darling husbands don't necessarily notice everything on their own (and neither do us wives).  We get so fixated on our daily grind that we can't even see when someone else has gone out of their way to make life brighter.  If someone gives me a gift, I certainly want to be aware of it so I can at least express my appreciation.  Pointing out a gift you've given can help the recipient: 1) actually notice the gift, 2) say thank you, 3) restore bliss to a relationship.  Isn't that easy?  So speak up!  Toot your own horn a little bit - not just for your benefit, but so that those around you can hear the beautiful melody too.

And Mr. Michael?  You have one of the best Christmas presents ever coming your way this year.   54 days in the making, it is my most generous gift this year.  Love you!


  1. Oh, Ammah & DooDah are full of wonder.

  2. Of course my mind is racing as to what this gift could be ;)

  3. Oh gosh - I should never have written that, huh? It is NOT a new baby :) and it ends at day 54, too...

  4. Shout it Out is the name of Hanson's most recent album... :)