Thursday, November 18, 2010

Movers and Shakers

We've been doing lots of growing over here.  Thomas is huge - nearly out of his 12 month clothes - and moving like crazy.  He can roll and scoot and pull himself up to standing.  When we are out at the playground he swings right alongside his brother, and when we do chalk on our patio he wants a piece, too.

M&Ms are one of William's favorite things to have drawn outside

William is doing his fair share of growing, too.  It was a strain to get his old tennis shoes on, so we had a morning out at the mall and picked up some new sneakers.  The amazing, and slightly painful part?  I didn't get to pick them out this time - he did.  Of course he picked the shoes I would not have chosen...  they're called "slimers" and have pockets of slime in the front and on the sides.  I went with it, though, and I have never seen a boy so happy to have new shoes.  The best part?  They were on a great sale because really, who besides a little boy would choose slime shoes?

These two littles are growing up so fast!  I'm sure before too long these shoes will be Thomas' and William will be in school.  These tiny moments are fleeting and I'm so blessed to be able to take the time to savor the small things.

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  1. Love the m&m! And you really have to get used to acquiescing when they become old enough to have an opinion about clothes and shoes. But there are definitely times when you have to draw the line, too. Like when your 6 y.o. daughter picks a bright pink top and a bright red skirt -- oh my eyes!!!